How Much Soccer Training is Enough

Ed Hawkins
by on Nov 19, 2017




It has been well documented that to reach elite status at ANYTHING, but especially sports, 10,000 hours of time invested is required. Soccer training is no different. If you read books like Talent Code, Grit, Drive, Flow, Growth Mindset, and Talent Is Overrated, you will find that the experts in Psychology are all agreeing on the fact that for just about any person, training is the key to elite level performance. Some call it deep practice. Playing games all the time and just training with your team is NOT enough. Youth players MUST train on their own and get additional private instruction in oder to reach their potential. The soccer world is simply too competitive not to put the time and effort into perfecting ones game.  The good news is that regardless of their starting point, every soccer player has a chance to be great though deep technical training.

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  1. DOC100 DOC100 says:

    This is all entirely true and relevant. There are many players that train and play games , year round with their teams but unfortunately don’t improve as much as they should. Many times this is the result of coaching incompetence and incorrect focus on the areas to be developed in a soccer player individually and their team as a unit. This is why private training is always needed as no matter how talented a player is a good professional coach can always teach something that is missing in the player’s arsenal of skills. Although, only 3-4 % of soccer players are born to be soccer players the rest work very hard to obtain every skill and even their correct mechanics in movement. Therefore; to say that soccer players are made not born is not an understatement. Zen Soccer School is a great outlet in receiving state to the art soccer training and hone in every skill possible.

  2. Rocky Rocky says:

    How does a youth player avoid burnout with so many hours required to become elite?

    • Ed Hawkins Ed Hawkins says:

      Diversity of activities and playing situations will help avoid burnout. This may come in the form of futsal, technical skills training, technical skills games, cross training, small sided games, pick-up games (an activity that is very under rated), and many other venues.

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