About Us

The Zen Soccer School (ZSS) is a training academy centered on developing the individual technical skills of youth soccer players from 7 through 17 years old. Players are developed using a variety of skill-building tactics ranging from field programs including private technical training and player evaluations to on-line offerings such as video training and soccer IQ tools (such as quizzes, tips, surveys and blogs). Over 250 children participate in the various training programs and over 4,000 student hours of training are conducted each year. Read more

In today's club rich environment, it is very difficult for club team coaches to address the technical development needs of every player in their program. Therefore, ZSS offers an alternative for players and parents who want to get the necessary skills training to be able to compete at their highest potential. While some players may be left behind in the club programs due to the shear volume of participants, it is the philosophy at ZSS that every player matters and should have a chance to develop to their full potential. We stand by that commitment.

The skill development tools and techniques you find at ZSS are unique. However, what is more interesting and valued by our customers is the personal touch that every player receives when they join the program. All players receive a soccer profile with unique and detailed attributes. Then individualized goals and plans are prepared for their development. These plans are tracked and updated and followed season after season. Many of our players who started out as 7-year-old students are now playing in very high-level club academy programs and at division 1, 2 and 3 colleges.

At ZSS, every player matters and we will follow you throughout your youth soccer career and beyond. You can reach ZSS at info@ZenSoccerSchool.com.

Our Team

Ed Hawkins is the Founder and Director of Training at the ZenSoccerSchool. His players refer to him as the ZenMaster. He has amassed over 10,000 hours of youth soccer training as a personal and team trainer for players ranging in age from six to twenty one years old. Ed is most known for his innovative training methods that center on developing individual soccer skills and technical fitness. Read more

As a player, Ed was a member of the US National Player Pool for four years and played with the US Mens National Team. Ed was drafted to play professionally from high school (Washington Diplomats - NASL) and again from college (Pittsburgh Spirit - MISL). He was a Hartwick College Hall of Fame player and a National Coaches and Parade Magazine All American.

Ed's coaching style is focused on developing the finest technical details and lasting personal relationships with every player in his care. He gained his soccer insights by playing for nationally recognized coaches including Jeff Tipping, Jim Lennox, and Tony Martelli. Ed draws from his vast network of college coaching contacts to identify and adopt training innovations into his programs. He also maintains relationships with these college coaches to help further the future of players who he trains.

Ed lives and conducts his in-person training sessions and camps in the greater Chicago area and can be reached on Zenmaster@ZenSoccerSchool.com.

Our Methodology - The ZenMethod

The ZenMethod Framework is a proven player development process for developing technical skills. It ensures players have the proper foundation to reach high levels of technical achievement. Programs are designed to start with foundations, build up techniques, teach players applications, facilitate innovation and draw out the creativity in youth players. Content of the programs becomes progressively more complex as players advance through their development stages.

Zen Method: Player Development Framework