Points Details

Earning Points

Action Points Awarded How to achieve
Registration 10 Register on the system
Profile Completion 25 Complete all fields in profile
Like (a video) 1 Click the like icon
Share (a video or folder) 2 Share using any share icon
Try (a move from a video) 2 Record your tries via try icon
Favorite (a video) 1 Click the favorite icon
Invite a Friend (via the form) 2 Invite a friend using the form
Referral Registration (a friend registers) 10 Your invited guest registers
Rating (a video) 1 Rate by clicking one of the stars
Comments (on a video) 1 Place your comments below video
Creating a new folder (of videos) 2 Create folder using folder icon
Importing a folder (of videos from others) 1 Import folder from notifications

Earning Achievement Badges

Points Required Achievement Levels Where displayed
50 Bronze Boot Leaderboard, Kickmates, and Landing Page
500 Silver Boot Leaderboard, Kickmates, and Landing Page
1,000 Gold Boot Leaderboard, Kickmates, and Landing Page
5,000 Platinum Boot Leaderboard, Kickmates, and Landing Page
10,000 Titanium Boot Leaderboard, Kickmates, and Landing Page

About Your Points

Your lifetime points are always kept in our database and you will never lose them unless your account is closed or deleted. However, various awards and prizes may be based on lifetime, annual, monthly, weekly, daily or other periodic point totals. Prizes may also be awarded based on points for specific contests or events. Therefore it is important to remain active on the system to stay on top of the recent leaderboards and compete for current rewards and recognition.

You can sort the leaderboard to see exactly where you stand at any point across any of the periods listed above (lifetime, annually, monthly, weekly, etc.,).